Маленькая звезда Мейн-кун Wild Beauty Jef

Conikacoon’s Diamond Lord 4 месяца
Ура! У нас родились котята!

Маленькая звезда Мейн-кун Wild Beauty Jef

Наш выпускник Jef  с детства стал настоящей звездочкой!!!Уже в  3 недели он снялся для статьи зоопсихолога Софии Баскиной, в журнале “Мой Друг Кошка”.

Теперь малыш подрос….но он настолько полюбил фотографироваться, что теперь съемка для него сплошное удовольствие! А может и правда есть кошки которые рождены для того чтобы быть звездочками?:)

Пока он еще слишком мал,но кто знает что его ждет за пределами “родительского дома”? Очень хочется верить что у него все сложится удачно и он станет не просто маленькой звездочкой,а настоящей Звездой!!!

We welcome you on a homepage of the greatest house cats Maine Coon! If you have come to us, you probably are interested in these unusual cats, which is rightly called the most genuine home lynx! In fact, the Maine Coon, it’s completely natural breed of cats, which originated from cats that live on the farms of America.

They were first described in the northeastern state of Maine, and therefore got its name. At the beginning of the cultural breeding this breed recognized by only one color – black tabby. This color, along with a powerful physique did maine coon cats like the raccoons, the breed name is translated literally: “Meynsky raccoon.” Dimensions Maine Coon generate a legend – according to some sources, some individuals weigh 15 kilograms or more! The history of these amazing cats is rooted in the mists of time. New England is characterized by harsh winters, which favor the survival of cats with long and thick hair. In doing so, the cat had to have impressive size to be able to hunt hares. The first recognized Maine Coon – Cat Captain Jenks of the Sea Horse. It has appeared on the show in Boston in 1861, it was him and started the popularity of this breed. Terrible form the Maine Coon and their large size does not affect the good-natured disposition of these animals. Maine Coons are very attached to people. Houses go for them literally on his heels, look in your eyes and constantly “talk”. Playfulness is preserved for life. Maine Coon, very real companions, who can easily adapt to habitat and to the owner.

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